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This educational resource is intended for you to acquire skills in practical mathematics, as well as for the development of mathematical abilities in you and your children.

" When you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books You will be reading meanings"

~W. E. B. Du Bois

Website Goals:

  • increased knowledge in mathematics
  • gaining practical experience in solving mathematical tasks
  • increasing the speed and quality of logical and mathematical thinking
  • development of memory, mindfulness and concentration

Using this resource you can:

  • gain basic knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • learn the multiplication table with practical exercises
  • learn operations with integer, decimal and fractional numbers
  • master the methods of solving equations
  • get hands-on spelling

The site provides the following features:

  • creation of tasks of any complexity
  • printing worksheets of any size
  • solving and fixing results online
  • built-in check and display of answers by link or QR code
  • two modes on a computer and on a mobile device

The ability to think rationally needs to be developed and consolidated, it is easier to do with us!


Creating worksheets of mathematical examples with a division operation, that can contain the remainder of the division. The answers and numbers of a example are integer and positive. Total 1 variant and 3 levels of complexity.


Creates examples with a division operation, that can contain the remainder of the division

1 Variant 3 Levels
Variant: 1 Level: Easy

Creates worksheets with English infinitives where some words are missing. Missing verbs must be completed. Only 3 options and 3 difficulty levels.


Creates worksheets with English infinitives where some words are missing, missing verbs must be completed

3 Variants 3 Levels
sweep swept [sweep]
relight relit [relight]
Variant: 1 Level: Easy

Step-by-step division task for each day. Develops the ability to solve examples with the division operation.

Division #1

Attempts: 2 Level: Light
  • Answers: 1~10
  • Examples: 30
  • Division by 1
  • Answers: 1~10
  • Examples: 30
  • Division by 1

Create worksheets of  mathematical examples with addition and subtraction. The numbers of a example can be decimal. The answers are always positive. Total 3 variants and 4 levels of complexity.


Creates examples with addition and subtraction operations of decimals, the answers are always positive

3 Variants 4 Levels
Variant: 1 Level: Easy

Create worksheets of quadratic equations. The numbers of a equation are integers. The variables can be negative. Total 3 variants and 3 levels of complexity.


Creates quadtatic equations, the answers are integers and can be negative

3 Variants 3 Levels
Variant: 2 Level: Easy


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